The GBA community guidelines

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Behavioural Guidelines For the GBA Platform

  1. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. Any Bullying, Fear content, Elitism, Hierarchy, Violence (images or verbal), or other forms of trolling will be deleted. Depending on the severity of the offense, the user will be given a warning or banned. This is a platform towards enlightened and peaceful living where we deeply believe that what we focus on expands. We CHOOSE who is aligned with this environment, to protect our personal sovereignty and that of our members. Please respect that or remove yourself now if you don’t wish to comply.
  2. This is an educational and informative platform as well as a social space. We want you to represent yourself, your modality and your special superpower. You are safe here to speak about yourself and ask questions to the community. You are expected to submit valuable content for the rising of the collective knowledge of the community. This can be simple, just be yourself! If we detect that your page is just advertising spam, we will give you a warning and if it continues, we will delete and block you. This platform is about COLLABORATION AND RAISING AWARENESS. Please be an active and transparent member to reap the benefits of those looking for a new modality or practitioner to change their life!
  3. This is a wonderful place to meet like-minded individuals and build trusting relationships. Romance is welcomed, HARRASMENT IS NOT.
  4. All races, genders, cultures, ethnicities, range of abilities, class, financial status, education, religious or political perspectives are safe here. We welcome diversity and inclusivity. This platform is about Unity, not separation.
  5. Please keep raising your vibrations and the vibrations of the whole community by being yourself! Humour and Fun are a part of our manifesto, which you can read in the GBA code of Conscious Living.
  6. Our vision is to watch the Breathwork and Healing community thrive, and to give the whole world access to Conscious Breathing. We dream of an enlightened Humanity; United through the Breath. Loving each other and all living things, living freely and devoted to our beautiful planet, Earth.

Katia Boustani & the GBA Team

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