Insomnia – an opportunity for a physical and mental Upgrade

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Lately I’ve been “suffering” bouts of extreme insomnia, my mind is racing and though I know loads of techniques to quiet it, the quiet lasts a while but that doesn’t necessarily mean I fall asleep!

What can we do when those thoughts keep running through our mind as we are laying there, realising that we have to get up in 5 hours…. 4 hours…. 3 hours etc etc.

One way I deal with it is to change my perception of what my current needs are. 

For example, maybe at this time in my life, I literally, actually need less sleep. 

Maybe this a a form of Rebirth; an Upgrade!

So instead of getting frustrated and trying to control it, I allow it to be what it is. 

When I think like this, I realise what a wonderful opportunity it is to have all those extra hours to work, be creative, meditate, be with myself and observe my thoughts.

An affirmation that I came up with recently is:

“As I surrender to Life instead of trying to control it, everything becomes easier and more pleasurable.”

So just because Science says that I need a certain amount of sleep but my body and mind are actually full of energy, why should I try and resist this energy instead of surrendering to it and expressing it in creative ways – regardless of what I believe it’s normal to be doing at night?

Another thought that comes up for me is: Why do I get so frustrated when I can’t sleep and try and force myself to do so?

Is it because I want some form of relief from my mind and all its projections and thoughts?

Is it because I have to do something “unnatural” in the morning, like work in an office or elsewhere where I am expected to perform?

Is it because I simply “want out” for several hours? Like a “little death”?

Probably it’s a little of all of the above!

So instead of trying to control something that may be currently natural to me, even if I don’t like it, I can spend the extra waking hours “given to me” to feel out, solve or integrate the above!

Maybe surrender to my creative urge and energy is what is really needed.

One thing that really helps me to relax my wondering mind during these hours are affirmations or mantras.

Instead of having dozens of repetitive thoughts, how about just one high vibrational repetitive thought?

Faith. Repeating the name of God or Goddess. Praise or worship. Ho Opono Pono or any other song, poem or phrase which brings you back into alignment with the divine and your own divinity. 

If you have a fireplace, why not light it and sit with it all night and see what it tells you?

Or get out your writing or art gear and just flow with it! See what comes up… it’s fascinating!

When I don’t resist it, I realise Insomnia is a rebirthing process. 

The body and mind are going through a temporary period of chaos to find that harmony and balance again which comes from non-resistance.

Hey and plus, don’t forget to breathe, even though breathing seems to bring me more energy these days, so it’s not exactly helping the process! 😀 

EnJOY those wild creative nights! Frustrating as they may seem, you’re finally get that “me time” you’ve been asking for, so use it wisely!

In Truth, Simplicity and Love,

Katia Boustani

Founder Global Breathing Awareness

Founder Rebirth Breath Therapy

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