Surrender and never give up!

Don’t give up! Just Surrender. Surrender to Life.

People often think that when we speak about surrender, it means giving up. No. A thousand times no…

Surrender means to trust what life is giving to us. Surrender means we take in what life is giving to us.
Give up means what the phrase itself says: We don’t take in what life gives us. We give it up. Surrender also means to trust Life. Trust your self. Have inner faith.

Every time we have to face a difficult situation, a crisis, a big decision, a break up, a death, an economic failure or a big fat opportunity for a better life we take two directions.
First direction is by choosing out of fear, meaning that you might panic, hesitate, be sloppy, frivolous and give up control of this situation.
The second choice is to stand up and face it, what ever it is, out of love and trust in Life and your self.

If you want to take control of the situation, SURRENDER. If you want to take the best decision, to be effective, SURRENDER.
If you want to really thrive, SURRENDER. Do not rush. Surrender to what life has brought in front of you, this job, this very person, this mother and father and say:
Thank you Life for bringing me in front of this situation. What life has to teach me right now? How can I benefit from it?

Stand up and Let Life wash you with her gifts like a powerful waterfall on a naked surrended body.
Just try it once, guys! For this kind of things it fits no description.

Surrender and Never Give Up!

Sifis Pagkalinis

Breathing Guide

Intimacy Coach

RBT Trainer

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