What is Breath Mastery?


Like most people, the first time I tried a breathing session I had absolutely no idea about what I was getting myself into. The intensity, the struggle, the love, the pain and the bliss expressed itself in every sense and through every one of my senses; physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological.

I was astonished and shocked with what had just happened to me and eager and passionate to integrate this new information that the Breath had just shared with me into my life. Almost instantly I decided that this was IT! I wanted to learn more about this crazy technique and share this knowledge with as many people as possible…
And thus started my love affair with Rebirthing – Breathwork.

Through years of studying, practicing and loving Rebirthing passionately, I realized that my whole process of learning and living – whether intellectual or experiential – was like a ride between struggle (resistance) and surrender.
In other words, in hindsight, it is clear to me that the times that I was struggling with my breath during sessions, I was STUCK with myself. These were the times of stagnation in my life.

In contrast, the times when I was relaxed and open, lovingly ready to accept and receive during a session – I was a sponge for knowledge and information, experiencing more and more expansion during my sessions and consequently, in my life.
The more my mind was trying to control (aka resistance), the more painful the lesson and the sessions… whenever I surrendered, I would inevitably go to the next level – and so on…

After I was acknowledged “Rebirthing Breath Master” by Rebirthing International and Leonard Orr himself, I started to think about what that title really meant. Was it true that I had mastered my breath? What was Breath Mastery anyway?

Actually, what I realized is that you can never really “master” anything.

Mastery only means total conscious surrender to the energy, intelligence or vibration of any given relationship – In this case, my relationship with my Breath and the divine entity that it represents.

Surrender means putting aside your ego judgments and “giving in” to this relationship…. Because this relationship has its own intelligence, way beyond what your ego can conceive – and when you are open to it, the gifts are infinite.

And true surrender only comes through trust and love… knowing, that within the unknowing, somehow you are safe.
Isn’t THAT exciting?

So, to all my friends, students and clients, I have only one recommendation: trust the process and trust yourself. The more you surrender to the process, the faster you will reach bliss and connection to source, the more connected you are to source, the easier it is to trust it ALL.

“Mastery is just embodiment of a virtue through total surrender to it.”

Katia Boustani

Master Breathwork Trainer

Founder Rebirth Breath Therapy

Founder Global Breathing Awareness

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