Healing Disease with Rebirth Breath Therapy Breathwork

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Hello Breath and Life Lover,


Leonard Orr, my mentor, always said: 


“Breathing is the key to life and death and everyday health of the body and mind. Breath Mastery heals the mind as well as the body, because it enables us to relax. Relaxation is the secret to physical and mental health. The essence of life is in our breath.”


Do you really believe that? 


How much do you personally, genuinely believe that you can heal your body, and your body can heal itself, through your own breath and lifestyle? Let us know from 1 – 10 (10 being complete healing).


Because really, healing is going to take all your effort AND surrender! 


To really heal, whether from a physical manifestation or an emotional or psychological one, you really need to change, at the deepest level; the cellular level and the energetic level. In RBT we believe that all things are manifested out of pure energy – and science supports that too! 


If we know, for a fact, that “thought is creative”, then why is it only conveniently creative for manifesting the things such as more money or a new partner? 


But you’re not all in for reversing the effects of disease in the body?


Why are most people not willing to change everything or do whatever it takes, to heal?


Leonard always said the only healing is self-healing because if you don’t change the pattern required to heal physically, then you will just create another dis-ease to push you closer to your death – the same pattern will simply eventually manifest itself in another way. 


In other words, all healers (including medical professionals) can help to move the energy but YOU are the one who needs to eliminate the root cause.


Traditionally in Rebirthing and RBT we view disease as a persistent energy pattern – And the breath, as an instrument for changing that energy pattern. 


We respect the dis-ease as our most valuable friend which is telling us what we need to change about ourself.


Babaji, Leonard’s Guru always said; “I can take your sickness away from you but what would you learn?”


Physiologically, conscious connected breathing sessions can detox the lymphatic system and body, calm the nervous system to complete relaxation and help create new synapses in the mind toward life energy and healing.


RBT can work both as preventative (healing stuck energy patterns before they manifest into a physical symptom), or even as a natural cure (total healing) of an ailment; though modern medicine generally would convince you that your body is incapable of healing itself.


In Rebirthing/RBT, all disease is considered part of the death urge, therefore enhancing your life urge is the no. 1 healing method to change this energy pattern.


To heal disease, you have to understand the concepts of Life Urge and Death Urge


Life urge is: Any life, joy, love enhancing choices, especially love of your own body and wanting to keep it.


Death Urge is: Any death enforcing, “lifeless”, or downward spiraling choice or activity e.g. a persistent emotional, psychological or physical manifestation or pattern.


When working with an illness as an RBT therapist, 


1. We first look at the area in the body which is affected. This can help us with identifying the negative emotional patterns associated with that body part – because traditionally, each organ or part of the body can express the underlying emotional causes of a stuck energy pattern. For example, heart disease is associated with either overwhelming loneliness, lack of love or JOY. (See Traditional Chinese Medicine or read Louise Hay amongst a plethora of books identifying illness and its emotional causes.) 


2. We look at breathing deviations, especially deep underlying ones that may not come up until the client has done several sessions. Breathing Deviations are the “breathprint” (like a thumb print) which is unique to each one of us. This breathprint locks up areas of your breathing system as your body adapts to trauma over the years and can tell you, as an RBT therapist, so, so much about your client’s underlying behaviors.


3. We also look at birth memory and personal lie: What primal thoughts are affecting the client’s drive towards death? (For example, your client’s Primal Thought can be: “Life is difficult”, “Life is painful” or “I don’t belong here”.)


4. Emotional Energy Pollution and Other People’s Energy. Is the environment of the client systematically destroying their will to live?


5. After looking into and making the client aware of these negative energy patterns and giving them tools to move the energy, use the breathing solely to pump life energy into that person’s body, to bring on feelings of aliveness, presence in the body, and bliss.


6. Teach them to use the breath to deal with physical or emotional pain; Leonard says, “pain is the effort required to cling to a negative thought”. We don’t want them dwelling on their past or on their problems too much after the initial sessions; we want to create patterns of genuine life urge within them, so that they have a reason to recover and stay in their body.


7. Finally, help them create an easy and pleasurable mindset towards life, such as “life is easy”, “my body is a pleasurable place to be”, “I love my body and can keep it as long as I want, I can also tell my cells to youth instead of age.”


8. Explain the connection of Elemental Purification with Healing and Life Urge


Earth – work and everyday life, Diet and Exercise, spending time in nature, sleep and relaxation. Leonard said that “without relaxation there is no healing”.


Air – Conscious Breathing, having a relationship with your breath, spending time in the wind, deciphering its messages to you.


Water – Drinking “new” clean water full of life energy; the closer to the source, the better. Bathing, allowing your body to relax in warm water and bringing up pre-natal memories to return yourself to the ultimate, growing, healing state.


Fire – Sitting with the fire, allowing it to burn away your impurities


Love – Loving your body, loving life, loving and mostly trusting yourself, the divine and others. Being In a conscious and loving relationship and facing your deepest vulnerability issues.


What are your favorite Life Enforcing and Healing Affirmations? My favorite is:


“I am alive now, therefore my life urge is stronger than my death urge. As long as I go on strengthening my life urge, I will go on living in perfect health.” Leonard Orr


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


If you’d like to learn how to profoundly help yourself and other people through the Breath, join our Rebirth Breath Therapy Breath and Life Mastery program. Check our Live and online trainings here:



In Truth, Simplicity and Love,


Katia Boustani

Rebirthing Breath Master

Founder Rebirth Breath Therapy

Founder Global Breathing Awareness


Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice. If you have any symptoms of disease, do see your doctor.

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Katia Boustani is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy® where she helps practitioners confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves AND their clients using her signature 3-step Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method. Katia is also the founder of the Global Breathing Awareness community.

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