Obsession and Commitment

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Are you obsessed with your ideas or committed to them?
What is the difference?

Well…  Obsession has not the intelligence to reform, to adjust, to reconsider or to improvise, so it can finally find the best possible solution in a puzzle.
It cannot decide effectively.
Obsession is a form of insanity.
One of the definitions for insanity, is when a person keeps using the same behavior, while waiting for a different result.

The patterns we use often show the level of emotional intelligence we have.

An obsessed person cannot always see that they are obsessed; even if they do see, they are incapable of any change. An obsessed person can harm themselves or others. They cannot see the difference between good and even better; between health and sickness, flow or blockage.
Therefore, there is an adequate amount of death urge or in other words, self-destruction present.
Obsession leads to chaos. It is indeed a dead-end.

Commitment is related to health. Commitment has the intelligence to evaluate, to compare, to connect, to sacrifice, to say a determined no or a yes.
It has all of the things and values obsession has not.
Commitment has got the intelligence to distinguish when a behavior is effective, and if not, it changes.
It starts over and over again until it brings about beneficial results.
Commitment has the ability to protect a person when he or she tries harder than they can take,
or when they put themselves in any form of jeopardy (mental, physical, emotional or spiritual).
When this happens, they stop trying and give space, time, silence and the breath needed until their health is back in the game.

Commitment is not only a sign of intelligence but also the universal value of being in connection with infinite inspiration or infinite spirit.
It is the product of these three basic principles: Truth, Love and Simplicity.
Commitment is the bond which connects me with life, with health and with unconditional love.
It keeps me in a dialogue with my inner and outer source.

All of my life I have been committed to help the raising of global intelligence.

I realized that to be more intelligent I had to be more primitive in some cases. In this way I could protect my free time, my offline activity and communication.
I became primitive to protect my integrity in society; to remain the eye of the peaceful observer,
to keep my true colors as a person, to honor my ideas and my connection with the inner self, my divinity.
I stay untouched to focus better; to commit to work and creativity.

I stay primitive to maintain the luxury of remembering. I stay present in the space between my thoughts, so I can once again nest in the wisdom of my ancestors.
My mothers and my fathers from the past would want me to move forward in love and not in fear.
I am committed to myself: To honoring myself; to celebrating my existence away from the noise, the fast and furious, inequality, violence and sterile desire.

I am committed to the better, the brighter, the simpler, the economical and all that is beneficial for all hu-wo-man-ity.
I am committed as long as I choose to be.

After all, we all choose the reality we live in. What reality do you choose?

Sifis A.K. Pagkalinis

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Katia Boustani is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy® where she helps practitioners confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves AND their clients using her signature 3-step Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method. Katia is also the founder of the Global Breathing Awareness community.

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