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Happy Lilith Day to All Liliths of This World!

Celebrate your -disobedient, radically different, passionate, hormone driven, dark, graceful, sensitive, empathetic, humble, nurturing, supportive, cooperative, diplomatic, accepting and surrendered to love- nature!

Of course there was no snake in Paradise. We, men, have the tendency to demonize the different, the disobedient or the undefined.

The “snake” wasn’t a snake, but the disobedient character of Lilith, the woman before Eve.

Frightened and conservative people from all known religions hid it from us. For two reasons.

1. Because if men knew about Lilith, they would have grown more respect for the woman’s power and right to say NO.
2. Because if women knew about Lilith, they would have believed more in themselves and supported each other more.

Women of this world, stop playing little and powerless in the presence of men.
Women of this world, stop believing this beautiful fairytale they taught you in school and family.
Liliths, stop acting out Eve, stop satisfying men’s incapacity to understand and swallow the alternate highness of your intelligence.

Wishing for today, and for ever, more power, confidence, liberty, self expression and unity for all women of this world!!
I celebrate being surrounded by powerful enlightened souls, getting inspired and opening my heart more.

Goddesses, you are in my heart, constantly reminding me of my role in this life; to cherish, learn, support, admire and humbly serve the majesty of your wisdom…

Sifis A.K. Pagkalinis

Breathing Guide

Intimacy Coach


RBT Trainer

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