Free your Breath to Free your Mind

Does your breath feel locked up? Try Rebirth Breath Therapy®

Rebirth Breath Therapy is the purest, most comprehensible Breathwork Modality for Modern Times.

It combines the ultimately transformational parts of Rebirthing Breathwork with elements of modern psychology, ancient wisdom, science, metaphysics, body work, energy work and years of practical experience in the Breathwork Therapy field.

RBT® breathing sessions open and reconstruct breathing pathways with the aim of unlocking the respiratory mechanism, allowing the breather to return to the full and free breath.

Breathing deviations are unconscious defense mechanisms you subconsciously put in place to avoid FEELING and remembering.

As a baby, you naturally breathed fully and freely in a circular way; only pausing to eat, cry or communicate your needs.

With the pressures of growing up demanding more from you than you were able to deliver, you subconsciously blocked parts of your breathing mechanism by “freezing” or holding your breath so that you would disconnect or not feel.

This breathing pattern became your unique breathing imprint and created “breathing deviations”, inhibiting your natural breath.

Liberating these defense mechanisms through RBT® opens you up to life, allowing life force energy to move through you unhindered; bringing you back to that state of Clarity, Joy and Innocence you experienced as a child.

RBT® simultaneously teaches mind mastery techniques, which help change the perception of events associated with any breathing deviations, as well as your stance or attitude towards life and all that it has to offer.

Breathing deviations limit quality breathing and can cause physical as well as psychological problems.

When we breathe in a conscious and liberated way we can improve our posture, fitness level, strength, pain management, lymphatic system (elimination of toxins), nervous system and more.
RBT® is about undoing these blockages, thus experiencing life as it is meant to be experienced; fully and freely.

Katia Boustani
Founder RBT®/ Global Breathing Awareness

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