The Mechanics of Manifestation

The mechanics of manifestation

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Over time I’ve realized that the majority of people do our seminars or sessions because they want to create new results in their life – or manifest something new – and they want to know how Rebirth Breath Therapy can do that.

Rebirth Breath Therapy is all about Self – Transformation and Understanding Manifestation, at core level, through Breath Mastery and Mind Mastery.

To be able to Manifest something (or create a new reality), one has to understand how the mind and energy work.

Breath Mastery + Mind Mastery = Life Mastery.

In Rebirth Breath Therapy (RBT), the Breath acts as a bridge, taking you through the different levels of your Mind to that Infinitely Connected “Space between your thoughts”, the field of all possibilities.

While physically and emotionally detoxifying you, the Breath also acts as a tool, going deep into your cellular system and pushing out emotionally charged blockages, releasing you of negative emotions which keep you in “the struggle”.

Ultimately, the Breath acts as a force – which used correctly can add power, or Life Force Energy, to your intention.

The Breath is Life, your direct connection to the inside of you, as well as the outside of you. It deletes the illusion of Separation. Contained in each Breath is LIFE FORCE energy.

Thought, by itself, remains the most subtle form of substance. Without Energy being put into it, it remains a thought.

Energy is neutral. It is colored or impregnated by thought and then starts to grow, move, change and create.
Energy becomes what it thinks about” – Leonard Orr

Energy Represents the Feminine principal. Infinite Energy is forever present and forever changing. It is open and malleable but NEUTRAL. That means there is no good energy or bad energy. Energy is colored (or impregnated) by Thought (Or Infinite Intelligence) – Thought is the Masculine principal.

“Thought impregnates Energy and manifests itself” – Leonard Orr

When Thought impregnates Energy, (or energy is affected or colored by thought), it starts to gather, breed and change in a certain way, bringing together what is needed to give you the results you are “asking” for (consciously or unconsciously).

Don’t forget though, you are manifesting the WHOLE picture of what’s going on in your mind… the positive and the negative, both what you want and what you don’t want.

Feeling genuine positive emotion, such as FAITH and JOY, is vital to easy and swift manifestation because the EMOTIONS you are adding to your thoughts are altering your perception of what it is you are asking for. So even if you are well on the way to getting what you want but your fear is greater than your faith, fear and its projections will be what you continue to manifest…

Other people are also picking up your Energy and reacting according to your vibe, so you are influencing the people around you too, their opinions and emotional reactions to you – and you are reacting to them according to the thought you are intense about, or stuck on.

Even if you have something that you feel strongly about manifesting but your energy and thoughts are focused elsewhere, you will just get more of what your thoughts/ energy are focused on.‍

Finally, Rebirth Breath Therapy is Breath Mastery, Mind Mastery AND Energy Mastery through Elemental Purification. The Elements are the Physical Manifestation of Universe and Source and are a “channel” to changing your vibration so that it is in FLOW and works for you, creating a space in your mind and bringing PRESENCE into your field.

The Steps to Manifestation

a. Thought (The most subtle form of matter)‍

b. Word (Bringing Thought to the Earthly Plane)

c. Action (Making it Real – Doing Phase)

d. Manifestation (It is a reality, You have it – and what you think about it and yourself is what will turn it into a positive or negative experience.)

RBT to Manifestation works in four ways:

‍1. Verbal Processing: Getting to the root of your negative thinking through processing and exercises and “weeding” the most harmful thoughts out, shedding light on the darkest parts of you.

‍2. Affirmative thinking: Changing your most negative thoughts into positive affirmations but also adding JOYFUL LIFE FORCE ENERGY to your intention through the breath, to bring you into Infinity Consciousness, the field of all possibilities.

‍3. Breath Mastery: Discovering levels of yourself through different states of awareness like “peeling layers off an onion”, through Conscious Connected Breathing. While simultaneously allowing the Breath to work on you, changing your energy completely… This is the most powerful part of the teachings; Surrendering to divine energy and TRUSTING it brings you to liberty beyond your wildest imaginings.

‍4. Learning to use the Elements: Respecting that Universal Energy or Source is the life force of all substance and that WE ARE ONE – Developing a conscious relationship with the Elements reveals to you the secrets that you are ready to receive.

‍Would you like to go deeper into the Mechanics of Manifestation and actually experience this process?

Would you like to learn more about your Mind, Breath and the Elements?‍

Come join our Breath and Life Mastery Training… Transformation Guaranteed!

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Katia Boustani is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy® where she helps practitioners confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves AND their clients using her signature 3-step Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method. Katia is also the founder of the Global Breathing Awareness community.

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