Overcoming the Fear of the Collective Consciousness

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Collective fear is a recurring, evolving imagined thought which millions of us are simultaneously going into agreement with, as well as resisting.

Imagine all of our fearful thoughts in a huge bubble over our heads and around us, merging and evolving into events. The fear of the collective has a dangerous drive which can be fascinating and repelling at the same time. That is why Collective Fear makes us stuck. It immobilizes us by pulling us in different directions.

Collective Fear is resistance to the natural flow, or “Universe’s” plan. That is why it is always a struggle. It doesn’t matter how many of us there are and in which way we are thinking, the Universe is infinitely more powerful and intelligent than one of its species and ultimately demands respect. Natural and unnatural disasters are the Universe’s evolving response to what we are thinking about.

The evolution of consciousness is what is collectively driving future events. That is why, in rebirthing, we are passionate about planting inspirational thoughts into our minds. Accompanied with the liberation that conscious breathing gives you, affirmative thinking is a potent tool to keep our general focus and emotional stability. We understand the need to drive future events individually as well as collectively through love, rather than allowing the fascination with fear to paralyze us.

Surrendering to the flow of what is given while shifting to a space of love, not fear, allows infinite solutions to present themselves, instead of the imagined one that we have in our mind that we are collectively moving towards.

The only sustainable future for the human race on this planet is living harmoniously and lovingly with each other and with nature. This can only happen if we DROP the conditioning we have accumulated by believing what we learned from our parents and society, and believing instead in our own abilities and divinity.

What is our divinity? The connection we have to the collective and to nature; the feeling deep down that we are unlimited, which was quashed by our parents fear.
Until the collective deeply understands its own power to change their current and therefore future reality, things will remain as they are, stuck and drenched in fear and loathing of self and others.

Only when the collective is made up of those focused on unity consciousness and on individual as well as collective emotional responsibility, will we experience the power of unity instead of division.

Humans are infinitely adaptable and even death (the death of the ego in essence) is not to be feared but profoundly understood; it is another adaptation of life – as is so obviously shown to us by nature. There is a definitive birth-death cycle which is beautiful and profound and it is only our imagination which gives it meaning.

Drop the urge to give things meaning and instead observe your life and everything around you as a natural evolution which is directed by the state of your mind.. Your perception is everything.

Breathing into your heart chakra regularly and repeating positive, grateful and loving affirmations for yourself and others begins an irreversible transformation, as you, yourself, slowly change the program within.

Finally, if you feel out of control with your fears, speak to your local rebirther and breathe through it, or join one of our courses to really understand your fears and turn them into love, community and LIFE.

“When we are in fear, we are dead to life, the most precious gift we have been given…”

Katia Boustani

International Breath Master

Master Breathwork Trainer

Founder Rebirth Breath Therapy

Founder Global Breathing Awareness

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Katia Boustani is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy® where she helps practitioners confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves AND their clients using her signature 3-step Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method. Katia is also the founder of the Global Breathing Awareness community.

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