Ascension of the Feminine

In the past few decades there has been a lot of discussion about – and movement towards – the ascension of feminine values and qualities within us. These values, such as surrender, flow, emotional intelligence and heart based action, once integrated and understood by someone as a never ending internal well of love, can be projected by each of us as an outward flood of love and gratitude, spreading into and transforming society and the world!

As within, so without – As above, so below.

And what a relief that is! The warmth of the divine feminine, reflected in maternal love, (regardless of whether this love is administered by a man or a woman), represents softness, acceptance, protection – bringing a security most have probably only felt as infants, completely surrendered in the embrace of their mother, knowing that no matter what, the mother will nurture and care for you. Most people spend their lives searching to re – experience this feeling in adulthood, the total trust and complete surrender to love, with another.

Patriarchy has played its part in the evolution of humanity and we embrace all that it has taught us. The antidote for fear is trust. Trust in self, trust in the big picture, trust in existence, trust in the divine.

Fortunately, we are now in a position to say we are ready to allow our feminine qualities to rise again and merge with the masculine, to create a whole and balanced human being; in LOVE with self, in LOVE with the freedom of being fully you, in LOVE with the merging of masculine/ feminine into the nothingness which is everything, which is us!

As we merge the inhale and the exhale in a breathing session, all gender is lost, all identity is lost and time/space is present, embodied – and as you ride the wave of LOVE and SURRENDER, true and complete BLISS occurs.

With trust, softness, flexibility and surrender comes bliss…

Here is a lovely exercise you can do this month!

1. Meditate on your feminine traits for a few minutes















2. Now meditate on your masculine traits for a few minutes














Now visualize yourself as a whole, happily embodying and accepting all of these qualities which are always present in you and waiting to be revealed in the most loving context towards yourself. Now see that love, bursting in an avalanche from you to all of humanity.


• I trust myself and humbly surrender to the divine within me.

• All my thoughts and actions are directed by the divine goddess within.

And so it is…

In Truth, Simplicity and Love,

Katia Boustani

Breath Master

Master Breathwork Trainer

Founder Rebirth Breath Therapy

Founder Global Breathing Awareness

P.S. A wonderful poem by Milena Büttinghausen, one of our students 🙂

‘Rebirthing Woman’

Isis Goddess of Motherhood,

Magic and Nature,

I call upon you,

Guide me in this journey of embodying the woman,

who I truly am.

Teach me how to resurrect the dead,

How to plant seeds in the fertile grounds of Mother Earth,

My beloved,

My womb.

Show me how to water them

with loving care.

Assist me in relentless storms.

When darkness rises,

Connect me to the fierceness of love,

To protect what is holy to me

and to our Mother.

I fully trust in you,

and in this journey.

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