Our Courses

Healing Your Own Birth
Samothrace, Greece
with Binnie A Dansby & Katia Boustani
From the 30th of August - 2nd of September 2024.
Embracing birth as a celebratory and natural event filled with ecstasy.
10% Early Bird Discount until the 22 of June
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Samothraki 2024
Breath & Life Mastery
When was the last time you felt overwhelmingly wonderful?
From the 30th of August - 18th of September 2024
Venice, Italy
Breath & Life Transformation.
Healing never felt better
From the 17th - 27th of October 2024.
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Holistic Breathwork Education
Become a certified facilitator and
add breathwork to your services.
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Breath & Life Mastery
Online Training
Our signature training now available online
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Welcome to our courses! Here we describe our in-person and online courses.

Course Categories

Rebirth Breath Therapy (RBT)

Rebirth Breath Therapy, or RBT, is the method, breathwork modality, and technique we follow in our courses, seminars, and retreats. Founded by Katia Boustani, it is a modern and traditional approach to breathwork, which integrates several disciplines including traditional Rebirthing Breathwork, psychology, metaphysics, and various forms of energy and body work. The aim of RBT is to facilitate a continuous transformational process that promotes a state of permanent joy and bliss. It does this by working with Breath Mastery, Mind Mastery and Energy Mastery, and is primarily a learning process, giving you the tools to keep working with yourself way after sessions are over.

RBT uses deep, conscious-connected breathing to release emotional baggage and psychological stress, ultimately improving overall well-being, leading to a permanent personality upgrade. This modality, and all of our seminars, focus on deep personal transformation through high quality individual, one-on-one sessions. Each student has their own mentor who acts as a guide through the RBT process, focusing specifically on each student’s unique breathing deviations and mental as well as physical “limitations”.

RBT is essentially therapy for your breath, realigning your breath to the harmonious state your younger self experienced, before the stresses of life created deviant states of breathing and thinking. In this way, it realigns you with the joy, clarity and innocence experienced during infancy and early childhood. RBT is noted for its holistic approach, simultaneously addressing the mind, body, and spirit.

RBT training consists of four stages:

The process to complete all stages of RBT training is to first go through Breath and Life Transformation (BALT), followed by Breath and Life Mastery (BALM), and for those that wish to become RBT certified practitioners, BALM Certification Process. And finally, BALT and BALM Teacher’s Training Certification (BALM2) for those that wish to be authorized to teach BALT and BALM.

Breath and Life Transformation (BALT)

Breath and Life Transformation is primarily focused on using breath and mind hack tools to delve deep into the psyche. It is designed to help individuals make sense of and reframe past events, altering their impact from potentially negative to positive. The course teaches participants to identify and correct breathing deviations that have been present since birth, restoring natural, full, and free breathing. This, in turn, makes life joyful and exciting again. BALT also gives permanent tools and instruction to stay on track and provides the student with a supportive community, as well as ongoing programs, to stay connected with the work, their own breath and the community.

BALT serves as the foundational part of the larger Breath and Life Mastery Training. It effectively undoes patterns in the breath, mind and body, enabling the student, if desired, to continue with BALM, which then equips individuals to use breathwork as a transformative tool for themselves and others.

If you are unfamiliar with breathwork, Breath and Life Transformation is the place to start!

BALT Courses

Online Breath and Life Transformation (BALT)

Breath And Life Transformation is the first part of the BALM Training series. BALT takes you deep into your psyche through your breath, and unblocks your breathing mechanism. This is an online course.

In-person Breath and Life Transformation (BALT) in Samothrace, Greece

If you are a person looking to make changes in your life, heal, get to know your breath better, or are a facilitator, therapist, teacher in the wellness industry looking for new tools to support your clients, in-person BALT training in Samothrace, Greece is guaranteed to impact your life.

In-person Breath and Life Transformation (BALT) in Venice, Italy

Breath and Life Transformation Training offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into personal growth, inner freedom, and heart-opening love. The backdrop of this in-person course will be the stunning majesty of Venice, Italy.

Breath and Life Mastery (BALM)

Breath & Life Mastery represents the practitioner level of the training, building on the insights and techniques learned in BALT. In BALM, participants learn more advanced techniques including breath hacks and breath/mind programming. The focus is on deepening the practitioner’s understanding of breath psychology and the technical aspects of breathing, preparing them to professionally practice Rebirthing Breathwork, Rebirth Breath Therapy, and other breath-centered techniques. Focus is on teaching you to work with individuals in an ongoing way for deep and lasting personal transformation.

BALM Courses

Online Breath And Life Mastery (BALM)

Breath And Life Mastery is the second part of the BALM Training series. BALM is the practitioner level of the Breath and Life Mastery Training series where we learn effective breath hacks and breath/mind programing for ourselves and our clients. BALT, either online or in-person, is a prerequisite for the online BALM course.

If you’re curious about becoming an RBT practitioner, click the button.

In-person Breath And Life Mastery (BALM) in Samothrace, Greece

In-person BALM training in Samothrace, Greece will help you become a professional breathwork practitioner and facilitator with comprehensive knowledge in anatomy, psychology, and breathwork techniques. BALT, either online or in-person, is a prerequisite for BALM courses.

If you want to know more about becoming an RBT practitioner, click the button.

BALM Certification Process

After completing the Breath & Life Mastery Training, whether in-person or online, students can start their practitioner certification process. This requires them to conduct a total of 30 supervised sessions (10 sessions with 3 different people). Students must document all sessions they facilitate, and additionally, clients must record their breathing experiences / processes. This documentation is shared with the supervisor using the online system.

All students interested in being certified practitioners are invited back to any BALT training FOR FREE, to complete at least 2 of their 3 supervised session bundles and repeat the training, so that they are even clearer on the material. For students who are unable to attend an in-person BALT training, options are available to mentor students online (subject to availability). Students who would like to speed up their certification process can hire a qualified RBT supervisor independently. Finally, in addition to the hands-on supervised practice, students are required to submit written essays on specific topics and undergo a final interview, after their assessment, with Katia herself.

Online BALM Certification Process

This course provides certification as an RBT practitioner. The course is provided online but includes in-person elements. BALM is a prerequisite for this course.

If you want to become a certified RBT practitioner, click the button.

BALT and BALM Teacher’s Training Certification (BALM2)

For dedicated students who want to go all the way in RBT Excellence and create lucrative income streams, while doing something they are deeply passionate about, the BALT and BALM Teacher’s Training Certification is the surest way to Master and Excel in Breathwork, profoundly changing their own and other people’s lives in the most powerful way. This two year training will take you to the next level and anchor you in knowledge that will catapult you to the top of your field.

Only those who have completed the BALM Certification Process are eligible to apply.

Teacher’s Training Certification

This course provides certification as an RBT authorized teacher able to issue certification to RBT practitioners. Candidates must have completed the BALM Certification Process to participate in this course.

To become a certified RBT teacher, click the button to contact our team.

Miscellaneous Courses

We offer some courses that are not in the BALM series.

We hope that these courses improve the quality of life for all.

Healing Your Own Birth

Healing Your Own Birth & Early-Learned Life Patterns

This is an in-person seminar hosted in Samothrace, Greece that encapsulates the collective wisdom from Katia Boustani’s and Binnie Dansby’s lifetime of work; shedding light on the influence of birth on all life systems and the creative process we call life.

Click the button to book a call with our team to reserve your spot.

Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited ~ The ultimate guide to conscious relationship

Love Unlimited is an online course that is the ultimate guide to conscious relationship. Bring yourself and your erotic relationships into alignment, freedom and flow state. This course is about Introducing and bringing into your life, the concept of Love Unlimited!

Click the button to start your journey on the road to Love Unlimited.