Who are we?

Who are we? Global Breathing Awareness

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A platform for Transformative Healing Education. A bridge for the world breathing network. Rebirthing the world together.

Breath, Mind & Life Mastery.

Since 2006

Who is Katia Boustani?

Katia Boustani has dedicated her life to Healing herself, her community and the World, through the Breath and Love.

With over 30 years of experience in the healing arts, she has developed a phenomenal reputation for profound results and ongoing transformation of each individual or group she works with.

An international expert in Breath Mastery and Mind Mastery, Katia’s compassion for humans and her love for nature is her prime motivation, believing in the metamorphosis of the world, one person at a time.

In October 2013, Katia was recognized as Rebirthing Breath Master and Master Breathwork Trainer by Leonard Orr himself. She spent years in his inner circle, teaching alongside him and aspires through this direct lineage to keep his teachings alive.

Leonard, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, and known father of the Breathwork movement in the west, only personally accredited 4 other Rebirthing Breathwork Masters in the world during his lifetime.

Katia has trained 1000’s of people to master their breath and their life, many of whom went on to become extremely successful Breathwork Facilitators.

She dreamed up Global Breathing Awareness years ago, wanting it to eventually be a Global Directory or Forum uniting Breathers all over the world, knowing that the breath was the one tool of UNITY which we all, as inhabitants of this planet, possess. Eventually she attracted other passionate individuals and together they continue to flourish as Global Breathing Awareness.

Together, we can rebirth the world.


Who is Sifis Pagkalinis?

Sifis is a Breathing Coach and an Intimacy Consultant. He offer tools to individuals and couples to help them re-program their thinking and their intimacy and erotic patterns.

He uses a series of breathing techniques, self-love exercises and body and mind mastery, to help people to get out of their busy minds and into their bodies – to find inner balance, enforce their sexual drive and reunite in a more deep and solid way, with themselves and their life partner.

Sifis is a modern day Shaman, living in freedom and simplicity every summer in the forests of Samothraki, a Greek island in the North Agean. Every winter he travels internationally to spread the work of Love, Spiritual Purification with the Elements and Sustainable living. Sifis is a living example of his teachings.

    “I met Sifis in Canyellas, Cataluna, Spain on the occasion of a Rebirthing Breathwork Training Program. My first impression of him was one of serenity and love. When my time came to choose for myself a Rebirther to have a session with, there was no hesitation whatsoever.

    Acceptance, patience, compassion, joyfulness, simplicity are just a few in a long list of virtues that Sifis plainly practiced until they turned to be innate states of his existence. His natural noblesse, as a result of his admiration and communion in Ancient Greek Philosophy as an art of living, along with respect for fellow souls, make him an ideal trainer.

    Sifis navigates you firmly but smoothly through this wonderful journey towards the infinite space of Loving Intelligence by giving you simple and clear instructions concerning the breathing rhythm, while guiding you to let go of any stress or fear of diving into the unknown.

    From my experience, Rebirthing Breathwork Technique is an amazing tool, that if used with diligence and pure intention can lead someone directly to the Divine Source, thus allowing them to literally be bathed in Eros – the cohesive force of the Universe – which according to Ancient Greek Culture, literally feeds the psyche’s wings and flies someone to their purpose and unique mission in life.

    But as with any tool of self-knowledge and therefore personal transformation, it’s really the repetition and the frequent practice that makes a long-term impact. Once one recognizes and honors its benefits one can literally “make the mind matter”.

    ~ Penelope Bathrelou – Goulandris

    “I didn’t know anything about Rebirthing Breathwork till I met Joseph. We had a session together and my experience was outstanding! I remember in the beginning I felt a numb in my hands and couldn’t move them from the floor. I was breathing really deep like I haven’t breathed in my entire life never before. I felt the air passing through all my interior organs and synchronized myself with the breath. Some past moments came in my mind and made me realize how have they influenced the way I see myself now. Joseph was next to me all the time, encouraged me and guided me till the end. When the session finished we talked about my experience and had a beautiful hug.”

    ~ Pauline

    “My impressions from my sessions with Joseph are really positive. He was very protective with me, he gave me instructions with a calm spirit, his guidance was solid and specific. He precisely explained to me what was going on in my body; he was there in every breath of mine and guided me with total safety. That gave me the self-confidence and the ease to move forward so I could make solid steps into the unfamiliar but fascinating world of breathwork and self-development.” 

    ~ Lina

What is Rebirth Breath Therapy?

“Even if you become an astronaut and discover other planets, it will not be as great as discovering your own Self right here on Earth”

~ Mooji

Rebirthing is a safe and natural breathing method which connects us with our subconscious mind – the house of our deepest thoughts, beliefs and desires. As well as being a form of therapy which can help with any issue, from depression to relationship difficulties, it is also a simple tool to get to know yourself better.

Most importantly however, it is an ongoing transformational process which helps us master our mind and body, eventually enabling us to achieve a blissful and abundant state in our daily lives.  

Through using the breath in a circular way, which means without pausing between the inhale and the exhale, an energy flow is created in the body. This energy flow gently “forces out” or helps release stuck negative emotions which are stored in the “cellular memory” of the body. As these emotions are integrated and the breathing and energy flow continues, the breather goes a level deeper and achieves profound states of bliss, clarity and understanding about themselves or a specific issue they are dealing with. Ultimately, after a rebirth a person feels calm, clear and liberated, often significantly changing the way they feel about themselves or a situation and experiencing a lasting personal transformation.

Rebirthing breathwork is greatly healing on all levels – physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional – and combined with affirmative thinking and other creative techniques, it is an excellent tool for self-development. Gentle and pleasurable but also dynamic and powerful, it teaches us to balance our lives and be in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Rebirthing is not connected to any particular religion but is definitely deeply spiritual. Its belief system relies on making our own decisions based on our own personal reality and search for happiness. It encourages individual thinking and taking responsibility for what we have created in our life, simultaneously giving us the understanding of our full ability to change our life to the way we want it to be.  

Rebirthing, at its final level, deals with understanding our true power, heightening our awareness and, combined with spiritual purification techniques, allows us to reach our full spiritual and physical potential. 

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Katia Boustani is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy® where she helps practitioners confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves AND their clients using her signature 3-step Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method. Katia is also the founder of the Global Breathing Awareness community.

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