Dealing with Fear

Dealing with fear

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This summer I’ve done something I’ve never done before! In my bid to dive deeper into Elemental Purification and Personal Energy Mastery, (or at least become completely comfortable and familiar with them), I decided to camp in the deep forest with my partner for two months!

Now, I’m a city girl, born and bred into city life and all its comforts and conveniences! Like most people who have never REALLY experienced nature except for the occasional fascination with walking/ hiking/ swimming etc as an activity… which had a definite time slot and the promise of a fine meal and the reward of a lovely hot bath and sleeping in a comfortable bed, safe, clean (sterile) and warm afterward – So I was super curious to challenge myself and overcome my fears; whether they were of snakes and insects, bouts of complete isolation, the “what if something happens to one of us?” syndrome, fire, the river flooding, even one of us losing their mind (which is what actually happened but not in the way that I expected) ☺

The only way I could use to describe my extreme fear in my first days in the forest, is complete PARALYSIS. It seemed as if everything (especially insects and imaginary snakes) was my enemy, always watching me, screaming at me “you are out of your depth here, it’s DANGEROUS! What if something happens? You could die!! You don’t even really know where you are or how to leave!”

As the days passed and I started relaxing, I realized that the forest has so much to offer, so much pleasure, PEACE, messages and downloads which came easily, true connection with the elements… and even with those scary other inhabitants of the forest, the creeping crawlers!

The most profound thing I have learned so far is that once I started SURRENDERING AND TRUSTING THAT THE PRESENT MOMENT IS PERFECT; WHEN I DROPPED MY PROJECTIONS AND EXPECTATIONS; the REAL forest started revealing itself to me. I understood that this came from two angles: Firstly, I ceased being rigid, paralyzed and distracted by my MIND and it’s constant bombarding and RELAXED – and therefore there was a space in my mind, a stillness that allowed me to observe, one hundred fold, of what I was able to perceive before; and secondly, the other forest inhabitants, including the elements themselves, relaxed with the change in my vibration and started to feel more comfortable revealing themselves to me.

It was incredible to me how this happens with every single fear that we have. Fear totally distracts us and stops us from seeing clearly. As a matter of fact, our fearful ideas BLIND us to REALITY and even cause physical symptoms, including paralysis or the need to attack or destroy what we THINK is threatening us….

Think about it! Fear is just the worst possible use of the imagination. A LIE most of the time… Fear is just getting out of “safe” territory… your “comfort zone”….

So what can you do when you are in that space?

1. Breathe! Pull the breath from the center of fear (base chakra) to your heart… the center of COURAGE…. and keep breathing, focusing on your breath to keep you in the present moment. Always remember what Fritz Pearl says…. “Fear is excitement without the Breath”

2. Realize that Fear is just getting out of your comfort zone… on the other side of fear (which is just a wall of imagined darkness) is infinite possibility and FREEDOM. Remember: ONCE I DROP MY FEAR…. NEW WORLDS EMERGE.

3. Optimize your expectations… Eliminate the “What if” factor. Be excited about the POSITIVE results instead of BEING fearful of potential negative results.

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Katia Boustani is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy® where she helps practitioners confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves AND their clients using her signature 3-step Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method. Katia is also the founder of the Global Breathing Awareness community.

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