Venice, Italy
Breath & Life Transformation.
Breaking The Mask
From the 17th - 27th of October 2024.
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Samothraki 2024
Breath & Life Mastery
When was the last time you felt overwhelmingly wonderful?
From the 30th of August - 18th of September 2024
Breath & Life Mastery
Online Training
Our signature training now available online
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Healing Your Own Birth
Samothrace, Greece
with Binnie A Dansby & Katia Boustani
From the 30th of August - 2nd of September 2024.
Embracing birth as a celebratory and natural event filled with ecstasy.
10% Early Bird Discount until the 22 of June
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Holistic Breathwork Education
Become a certified facilitator and
add breathwork to your services.
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Global Breathing Awareness: A Conscious Community Project of Breathworkers who are dedicated to sharing the Extraordinary Benefits of Conscious Breathing to the world. 

Global Breathing Awareness is a living, breathing platform designed to inform, educate and intrigue every person who is passionate about the Breath, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our signature courses, Breath And Life Transformation and Breath And Life Mastery, are designed to provide inner work guidance, healing, and knowledge about the most effective and liberative breathwork modalities.

Our Mission is to teach about the Breath, while allowing the Breath itself to guide us in fostering expansion and unity, liberating individuals from any form of bias and mental constraints.

Breathe With Intention.

Recent Projects

Breath and Life Transformation Training
~ Venice, Italy

Healing Your Own Birth with Binnie A Dansby & Katia Boustani

Breath and Life Mastery Training
~ Samothraki, Greece

Breath and Life Mastery Training
~ Online

Why Join Global Breathing Awareness?

The Curriculum: Led by Breath Master Katia Boustani with 30 years of experience, our program integrates Ancestral Intelligence with modern living, providing practical tools for personal and professional development.


Personalized Attention: Each student receives private mentoring for individualized sessions, ensuring high-quality, one-on-one support throughout the training.


Discover Your Truth: Our motto is ‘Tell the truth faster,’ helping students uncover their own truths, fostering self-acceptance, and promoting personal growth.


The Power of Love: We believe in the transformative power of love, both for personal growth and changing the world.

Safety First: We follow strict safety protocols with supervised individual sessions to guarantee 100% safety.


Simplicity Equals Authenticity: We value simplicity and authenticity, respecting the magnificence of the human body and its functions. Breath Mastery + Mind Mastery = Life Mastery.


Drama-Free Healing: We don’t commercialize drama in breathwork, focusing on emotional regulation and safe, high-quality healing sessions.


Supportive Community: After graduation, we maintain a strong community with monthly Q&A sessions, webinars, and an active online group chat for personal and professional support.

Meet Katia Boustani

Katia Tree

Katia is internationally recognized in the breathwork industry and stands as one of only five Rebirthing Breath Masters acknowledged by the founding father of Breathwork, Leonard Orr, during his lifetime. 

Katia spent years in Leonard Orr’s inner circle, learning directly from the Grand Master and consciously carrying his lineage in her teachings.

With over 30 years of experience in Breathwork, Katia is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy®, where she helps clients unravel their minds and unlock their breathing patterns. 

Additionally, she trains practitioners to confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves and their clients, using her signature Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method.

Upcoming Breathwork Trainings:
Certified Breathwork Facilitator Training 400-hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, becoming a member is totally FREE. As long as you agree to the terms of service and follow the community guidelines, your participation and contributions will always be welcome and appreciated for free.


When you become a member, you will have access to the Global Breathing Awareness social platform including groups, forums, member-to-member messaging system, and a host of free webinars and other resources.


In addition to the free social platform, we offer premium courses, products, consulting and other services available in our e-shop and learning center. You are not obliged to purchase any of these offerings to become a member and use the social platform.

Absolutely yes! Even if you have no experience with breathwork, learning about it can improve the quality and efficacy of your life.


By registering and becoming a member of the GBA community, you can learn about all the different breathwork modalities and topics while safely observing other “newbies” until you have questions that will be answered by experienced and qualified breathworkers. And when you’re ready to advance to the next level, you can share your experiences, find and connect to breathwork facilitators, and enroll in breathwork courses and sessions near you.


GBA is a social and educational platform designed to enable anyone who is interested in bettering and furthering their life experience to have access to free, helpful information.

Yes! this community and this platform are a space for love and sharing.


You will find all sorts of breathwork modalites on this platform, so you can connect with others and find out which modality suits you best.

Yes, registration as a breathwork facilitator requires breathwork certification.


However, you can join as a member and share about yourself and the modality you use, along with how you integrate breathwork into that. We are aware that “Breathwork” encompasses a plethora of methods/modalities so feel free to let us know about your particular field of genius!


We offer a path to breathwork certification, you can participate in our online and in-person certification courses.

An active membership can be removed by deleting the platform account.


Navigate to your account page by clicking the gear icon in the left panel or under your profile picture/icon. Click the “Delete Account” menu item and complete the removal process.


Your account will be removed and your membership canceled.

Join the GBA community now!

Transform your life through the art of Breath and Mind Mastery. From healing yourself to becoming a professional breathwork practitioner and helping others heal. Join us as we guide you from Breath to Breakthrough.